Take care of your planet, it's the only one you get.

You can fly around all you want out here, but don't think about trying to move to another planet until you learn to take care of the one you've got.

The natural resources on planet earth are finite. Water, nor air, nor earth can be created or destroyed, but can change drastically in their characteristics.

Hydrologic Cycle

Water, as part of the Hydrologic cycle, is purified by the natural processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and then filtration by the soil and plants. Contamination of the water with toxic, man-made compounds, create conditions the planet's natural processes cannot keep up with.

Your air, soil and water are the big issues. While plant life and natural soil bacteria work hard to clean up air, water and soils, man-made compounds, are often more than the natural process can handle, at least in the lifetime of humans.

The planet will recover eventually, the question is, how many hundreds of years after humans have perished?

We, as galactic observers of your planet, kind of like you folks. While we cannot serve as your regulators, Mother Nature, as you all fondly call her, will be the final judge. Just do us a favor, keep your pollution in your own atmosphere.

Thank you, Galactic Guy (Good planets are hard to find)