The Septic Guy is that trusted individual who helps you, the system owner, deal with any issue you may have with your Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS). The reality is, there are many Septic Guys and Septic Gals working hard to help system owners deal with human waste management issues, and who focus on protecting human health and the environment.

OWTS Designers, Installing Contractors, Inspectors, OM&M (operation, maintenance and monitoring) Service Providers, and Septic Tank Pumpers, are all Septic Guys. Yes, there are some Septic Guys more qualified than others, they are known as Qualified Professionals and Qualified Service Providers. This website has been created to assist you in learning all the right questions to ask when looking for the right Septic Guy for your needs. There are many national, state and local programs that are geared towards establishing qualifications for these individuals. In our "Dig up an Onsite Pro" section, you can find listings of the different categories of Septic Guys, and learn about their personal qualifications.

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Septic is a firm supporter of education, training and certification of professionals to assure you, the system owner, a positive experience in dealing with your OWTS concerns.Find Out More About Us