Septic Depot

Wanna have some fun while learning about different types of OWTS?'s Treatment Train is an interactive representation of how the various components of the onsite wastewater treatment process tie together. It all begins in the home with the users of the system, that's why the locomotive leads the way in the treatment train. Next are the tank  (pretreatment) components of the system. Some simpler systems go right to final treatment and dispersal, while others may require advanced treatment components in between. Bringing up the rear is the caboose - this is where you'll find information about the operation maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) for your system.

Our tool lets you design an OWTS system by selecting parts from each car in the train. Once all the Treatment Train components are in place, you can hit the Build It! button   and a graphic rendering of the system will appear. From there, you will be able     to mouse over the various components with links to product and service information and other pages to learn everything you want to know.

All aboard! Click here for a demo of the treatment train.